IIMA Academy Programme – Consciousness Medicine

The programme is consisted of 8 modules.

One module classes are organised at weekends.

  • Saturday 9.30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Sunday 9.30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

The minimal break between modules is 3 months.

Practical one-hour classes in the form of online workshops are held once a week.

The topics, which we cover, are:

  • Integrative Approach in Treatment;
  • Study Programme in General;
  • Introduction to the General Concept of IDENTITY;
  • Micro nutrition;
  • THE WEFT – Term;
  • Humans’ Energy Structure;
  • Energy Centres: Localisation, Function, Anatomy Connection, Physiology, Pathology in the Body (1-7);
  • Positive and Negative Emotional Qualities;
  • Diagnostic Methods (Kinesiology Testing, Pulse, Weft Test);
  • Theory of 5 Elements, Organs in Correspondence with Pathology;
  • Consultation Protocol Level 1;
  • Consciousness Positioning;
  • Nutritional Acupuncture (using Acupuncture Gel);
  • Yin & Yang Polarity;
  • Cells, Organs, Organ Identity, Organ Command;
  • Vibrating Spirals (Correspondence within the Body);
  • Subtle Bodies – Division and Function;
  • Nature Forces – Correspondence within the Body;
  • Spirit and Matter Energy – Correspondence within the Body;
  • Balancing;
  • Clinical Cases.

See presentation

Aleksandra Maksimović
DPT in physical medicine, Magister in Bowen Therapy, Reflexotherapist, Professor in Integrative Medicine


Consciousness Medicine Workshop

Consciousness Medicine Presentation, Sarajevo

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