Integrative medicine

Integrative medicine is a holistic approach to the human body that combines the methods of classical and traditional medicine, thus providing us with the opportunity to combine the best of both worlds and enabling patients to treat causes, not only consequences, but also achieve a healthier and better lifestyle.

Integrative medicine is a concept that proposes and offers a choice in treatment, relying on previous experience in recognizing different methods of diagnosis and therapy. A doctor, who is a specialist in integrative medicine (in addition to being a doctor, general practitioner or specialist), has the opportunity to help his patients safely explore other methods of medicine that come from traditionally tested methods that science confirmed in many studies.


The key concept of integrative medicine. Every being has its own Health Scheme with which it is born and according to which everything functions properly, except in the case of hereditary diseases. According to that scheme, everything is in its place, in its IDENTITY, in its function, everything cooperates in general balance on physical, mental, emotional and energy levels. The disease is a loss of balance, a loss of harmony between the outer and inner world, a loss of the health scheme, a loss of identity.

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Through learning about energy centres, we start learning about energy anatomic. The first six centres are in the body itself, and the 7th is just above our head. Each centre has its wavelength which matches a certain colour and which is situated in a very precise physical place. Each centre fits a particular emotional and psycho-emotional expression. The corpus of this knowledge also includes the relationship between emotions and organs, as well as the way one should strive to achieve his/her maximal potential.

Dealing with the weft

What does it mean to feel? It is our reality perception it is the sixth sense of each of us, which can be awakened through practice. To feel means to be connected with your 5 senses. We have learnt to observe real life relying mainly on the sense of touch, but other senses also have their role, especially the view, which we use to observe things. The ability to feel puts us in a position that enables us to develop empathy with the manifestation and thanks to our consciousness and ability to feel, we enter the position of recognizing the reality through the weft, not on a mental level but on the level of vibrations. Since the weft developed and filled the Universe from the Big Bang, we open ourselves to the fact that the weft connects us with our source. That opens us further towards the ubiquity of the weft perception and all its movements which further indicate changes of an individual, society or collective.

School of Integrative Medicine, based on the model of IIMA (International Integrative Medicine Academy) in Switzerland, started its activities in Belgrade last year. The concept of the school is intended to all medical workers, who want to deepen their work and thus mutually apply various diagnostic and therapeutic techniques. Any other medicine is not advisable, but a different view that allows our patients to see their problem more broadly as a whole. Pathology is not a focus, but the entire Being, an invisible part of everything that exists, who has lost its health scheme.

We learn how to listen to the speech of energies, learn so-called energy language – as a universal language of available therapeutic and diagnostic methods at our school. In addition to their basic occupation, they shall be able to turn professionally to the treatment of the entire Being, connecting their profession and additional directions, which will help them to see the structure of patients in detail and apply the most adequate therapy.

“Recognising” Integrative Medicine

Consciousness Medicine in 150 minutes

The confession and experience of doctor Francisco Monivas, who was in Belgrade recently due to the organization of Aleksandra Maksimović and held a seminar on Integrative Medicine at “Eglantina” centre, firstly had finished medicine, then psychology, before something that changed his further course of life appeared in front of him.

“Initially, psychotherapy was my occupation and I researched the unconscious mechanisms of human acting”, says for Sensa specifically the director of IIMA Association in Spain, a licensed psychologist at University of Medical Sciences of Madrid, with more than 30 years of work experience in psychotherapy and psychoenergetics.   “I was dealing with transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology and I wanted to study unconsciously. Then I had gotten in touch with the International Association of Integrative Medicine, which provided me with knowledge about energies and which I was unfamiliar with until then. I felt how everything became arranged, all that knowledge of medicine and psychology suddenly found its place, everything became organised. Then I got the urge to research further and to work on it. To deepen my knowledge of human beings.”

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Aleksandra Maksimović – Integrative Medicine – Radio Bosnia and Herzegovina

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