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Reflexology training on Click!

If you want to help yourself or others by pressing the reflex points of feet, hands or ears, sign up for an online course

Reflexology training on Click!

Reflexology is an ancient practice based on the massage of reflex points on feet and hands, which are connected to certain organs, with the aim of improving their functions.

Massaging the reflex points on the feet, a therapist can detect an imbalance in some parts of the body and stimulate them with certain massage techniques, using the thumb and toes, before this imbalance manifests as a sign of a disease. When all the imbalances are unblocked, the flow of life energy is allowed again, and the organism returns to its balance.

Thanks to reflexology, we can easily detect that, for example, impaired kidney function caused hearing damage, or that liver dysfunction led to vision disorders or some other health problem.

By massaging the zones on the feet, milder or stronger, we will provoke pain that will show us the energy state of the organ we are treating. Hands and feet are extremely sensitive to touch, so their massage can activate blocked meridians in the body and stimulate detoxification processes. This is how the mechanisms of energy revitalization of the organism are started.

Reflexology with essential oils can be used to release the body, improve circulation and concentration, raise general muscle tone and revitalize the body, as well as to reduce nervous tension and aggression and eliminate chronic fatigue. Studies confirm on a daily basis how accurate reflexology is in diagnosis and safe therapy. In all developed countries it is recognized as an official method of treatment.



Online course Reflexologist training on click! It is designed so that within 10 individual lessons, lasting 2 hours each, you learn how to activate the body and encourage it to produce the best analgesics and sedatives.

You will learn:

  • exact arrangement of acupuncture – reflex points on the foot – soles – hands;
  • what is the connection between these points and the organs;
  • combinations of points that will be used in diagnosis or therapy of various ailments;
  • information on the essential oils used in the Alvita plus center and their combination with reflex points in the treatment of certain ailments.

For example: when breathing is difficult due to headaches, we use zones on the feet that correspond to the organs of the sinuses, head, lungs, nose and bronchi – using mint and bergamot oil!


When pain occurs ( headache, toothache, spasm ), knowing the pattern on the hand or foot, with precise pressure we can reduce or completely eliminate that pain and thus help ourselves and others.

Also, with reflexotherapy in a certain rhythm, we can treat various pathologies ( acute or chronic ) – by pressing and massaging certain points we stimulate, that is, energize the organ and automatically enhance its condition and body’s immune response.

By recognizing the organs, we can send the person to a specialist for further analysis or we can choose an alternative treatment.


Since classes are for individual students, we arrange the date together! Within 24 hours after your payment is made, we will contact you to agree on date and time of the first class.


The price of one individual class, lasting 2 hours, is $45.


  1. By filling in the payment slip at the bank / post office or via e-banking. You will receive payment instructions at the email address provided immediately after applying for the course.
  2. Via PayPal:

You can make payments for the course in full or per class.


Of course! Depending on the needs, support is possible on Viber and FB group. For additional consultations, it is also possible to arrange an arrival at the Alvita Plus Center.

Attendees receive a course completion certificate.


aleksandra maksimovic

Aleksandra Maksimović
DPT in physical medicine, Magister in Bowen Therapy, Reflexotherapist, Professor in Integrative Medicine

Rich work experience in the field of physical therapy with kinesiotherapy after education, firstly in Health Centre of Kanarevo Brdo and Belgrade’s Institute for Geriatrics and Palliative Care. I am a Bowen Therapist in private practice and I use it as a manual method for achieving the balance of autonomic nervous system and thus improving the overall body condition. Using my knowledge of integrative medicine, I combine different diagnostic and therapeutic methods with the aim of improving the quality of people’s lives. Adopting new manual techniques, I also combine reflexology with them and hence I have established a special programme for the elimination of pain and occurrence of foot deformities, especially bunions. Since 2009, I have been working on foot and spine deformities, with a special emphasis on bunions and scoliosis.

I have been working on enhancing and promoting techniques for bunion corrections in my Alvita Plus Centre.

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