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I am pleased to inform you that Alvita Plus, Centre of Health Enhancement and Natural Medicine, where you will be able to control and preserve your health prior to the manifestation of any issue, as well as to restore your physical, mental, emotional and energetic balance level, has started working.

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Programme for Correction of Pain and Shape of Bunions

The author’s bunion treatment programme has numerous satisfied users.

It is a non-invasive treatment of feet that relieves pain in the area of the big toe joint, eliminates redness, bunion inflammation, corrects feet appearance, reduces the size of bunions and recovers the whole body.

AllMax Concept, protected at the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia, registered under number 0336/2019.

kriva kičma

If we take into consideration that we were born with a predisposition for good health, we need to ask ourselves – What has happened to us in the meantime and worsened it? Everyday bad habits, primarily those referring to a sedentary lifestyle (sitting in front of a computer, in a car…), lack of physical activity, poor diet… All the above-mentioned reasons lead to a disorder in the statics of body, which can cause difficulties in the spinal column, if they are not treated on time.

Back Pain

People mostly complain about lower back pain, in the region between the 5th and 1st sacral vertebra, when the pain spreads further to the hip area, towards the outer side of foot and little toe. If a reduced sense of touch, along with severe pain, appears, we talk about an injury between the 4th and 5th lumbar vertebrae. The pain is frequently intensified by movements and strains (coughing, sneezing, laughing…).

Work with Children (Psychomotor Disorders)

Our children are our greatest joy. The energy of joy, sharing, love, compassion and planning.

Noble feelings that make us love our life.

Each exception leads us to anxiety, pain, inner turmoil, fear of the future…

There is an increasing number of newborns with behavioural disorders, coordination, as well as coping with everyday activities. We deal with two forms of disorders – Cerebral Palsy Syndrome and Autism.

Anti-depression Programme

It is necessary to recognise the moment when a depressed mood becomes a habit – then, the risk of depression is increasing. Then it represents a continuous, long-lasting feeling of worthlessness and helplessness accompanied by the sense of guilt and difficulties in performing daily activities.

Through Bowen technique, we encourage the body to self-heal and the balance of the autonomic nervous system. After Bowen, a client usually feels calmer, more relaxed and satisfied.

Anti-ageing programme

Throughout our life, we go through different stages of growth and development. From our early ages, we strive to grow and become big. We think that the whole world will be in our hand then and expect the manifestation of all our hidden and public ideas and desires.

As a flower, we pass through different stages – from a bud flower to a dried one, leaving behind ourselves a hint of our existence.

Can we stop that? Has anybody managed to stop time and become eternal? Everlasting?


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  • People usually do not have a habit to think of the health of their feet. Many children and adults have lowered feet and other static deformities. That leads to some problems, such as: support apparatus and bad posture, varicose veins and capillaries, as well as......

Testimonials of our clients

Aleksandra Maksimović
DPT in physical medicine, Magister in Bowen Therapy, Reflexotherapist, Professor in Integrative Medicine

Rich work experience in the field of physical therapy with kinesiotherapy after education, firstly in Health Centre of Kanarevo Brdo and Belgrade’s Institute for Geriatrics and Palliative Care. I am a Bowen Therapist in private practice and I use it as a manual method for achieving the balance of autonomic nervous system and thus improving the overall body condition. Using my knowledge of integrative medicine, I combine different diagnostic and therapeutic methods with the aim of improving the quality of people’s lives. Adopting new manual techniques, I also combine reflexology with them and hence I have established a special programme for the elimination of pain and occurrence of foot deformities, especially bunions. Since 2009, I have been working on foot and spine deformities, with a special emphasis on bunions and scoliosis.

I have been working on enhancing and promoting techniques for bunion corrections in my Alvita Plus Centre.

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