Anti-ageing programme

anti age program

Throughout our life, we go through different stages of growth and development. From our early ages, we strive to grow and become big. We think that the whole world will be in our hand then and expect the manifestation of all our hidden and public ideas and desires.

Is it so?

After the age of 50, many are tired and notice the first signs of ageing on the skin of their face in the form of wrinkles. Muscle tone is weaker and the skin hangs loosely. Lack of strength to complete projects appears, so we need supplements in order to preserve until the very end.

As a flower, we pass through different stages – from a bud flower to a dried one, leaving behind ourselves a hint of our existence.

Can we stop that? Has anybody managed to stop time and become eternal? Everlasting?

All those desires and fantasies in youth require powerful actions and clear decisions to achieve goals, possible only when our body is healthy and strong. The exchange of matter and information takes place without interferences in its full potential. An external reflection of strong functionality is healthy skin and radiant complexion. The strength aimed at realising our plans again inspires addition actions, so we often lose the track of time, seduced by such success. And it inevitably passes… AGEING… We would like to stop time and stay forever young, beautiful, taut, strong and healthy…

Modern technologies have designed a large number of anti-ageing machines in order to restore elasticity and tone of the skin and muscles. Anti-wrinkle creams differ in packaging, but none of them is able to restore our youth yet.

And what if we stopped for a moment and thought about the functions of our body and its natural self-regeneration? Encouraging our body to begin regeneration, regain strength and vital functions is a task only for those courageous people, who believe and know what the power of self-healing is.

With Bowen technique, the body is placed in a balance from which it knows best what should be done in accordance with the system of priorities. Satria Nusantara is an Indonesian self-regeneration programme, which stimulates the body to raise immune forces and detoxify cells using a combination of special breathing techniques and specific movements in 12 days. Facial reflexology at special points releases the tension of organs and tense muscles.

It is up to us to make our precious time for a positive change!

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