Celebrities who do not hide their bunions

Many women are ashamed of their feet and reluctantly reveal them in open-toe shoes. For them, summer is the most hated season, because the straps on sandals cross or emphasize the bumps on the feet that stick out, which definitely does not fit into the fashion styling of most women. The perfection women show choosing a wardrobe does not go with the crooked thumbs, unless in case of sandals which hide them skilfully.

Perfect hairstyle, perfect body shape, long legs are the attributes of most attractive women. On the other hand, there is one asymmetric anomaly that violates that imagined aesthetics and cannot be hidden with powder, make-up or anything else we usually use to hide our imperfections. Bunion.

I know women in the world of art who spend lots of time and energy to hide the bumps that stick out, by skillfully bandaging their feet before going out. It sometimes takes a couple of hours because they want their feet to look perfect, imagining the most preferable shape and appearance of their feet.

The question is why so much drama and shame because of the shape of the feet. In psychology, a female foot is a symbol of our femininity, an archetype of sexuality that unconsciously undermines deep complexes. Am I pretty enough and desirable with feet that are wide and bumpy?

In our imagination, we have the idea of ​​our body the way it suits us, and we often fail to notice some parts until they suddenly come to the fore. Then, the current disappointment finds anchoring in a mild depression that doesn’t go away until we find the best way to eliminate the defect.

The idea that I am beautiful, pretty, fit, elegant, seductive is disturbed by horrible bunions that brutally protrude from sandals that are so sexy. But the bunions are not. And Jennifer Lopez doesn’t care about it, nor do Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell or Cameron Diaz. They are not ashamed of their bunions. On the contrary, their bumpy feet go so well into high-heeled sandals, taking a safe position.

And again, I do recognize the role of bunions as a guardian of stability, because one should endure walking on the red carpet in 12 cm heel. The built-up bunion ensures walking and stable posture without legs shaking in high heels. Nature thought of everything when creating defects. Famous actresses, singers, princesses, presenters don’t care about bunions. Or, it would be better to say, they do not want them to be surgically treated. The recovery time is long, and it has been proved that they could return. Maybe it’s time to tell them to look for an alternative and make them smaller, at least a bit. So that the perfection can be 100 percent justified.

Learn more about the treatment of bunions without surgery on this link.

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