Anti-depression Programme


Depression is a mood disorder, characterised by mood swings that vary, depending on the cause of depression.

One should distinguish between real depression and depressed mood. During the day, it is possible to change mood suddenly and get into a depressed mood due to bad news, weather or sad music, but the mood improves with the first sunrays, good drink, pleasant music or company.

It is necessary to recognise the moment when a depressed mood becomes a habit – then, the risk of depression is increasing. Then it represents a continuous, long-lasting feeling of worthlessness and helplessness accompanied by the sense of guilt and difficulties in performing daily activities.

The fear of life, valuable, beautiful things, the feeling that we do not deserve attention and love and, in the end, the complete ignorance of life values are the key characteristics of depressed people.

In addition to such emotional states, physical conditions, such as insomnia, headaches, loss of appetite, and nonspecific pain can appear.  The loss of interest for the environment, as well as the life itself, often leads to suicidal ideas.

There are different types of depression depending on the cause, but anyhow, no matter what type of it occurs, you should start treating a depressed person in time.

Nowadays, we are all exposed to demanding challenges at work or in our family. Stress is our usual answer, when we ask ourselves – What is happening to me? Does it mean we should all be depressed?

Through Bowen technique, we encourage the body to self-heal and the balance of the autonomic nervous system. Stimulating the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, the body produces the hormones of happiness and pleasure – serotonin and dopamine. After Bowen, a client usually feels calmer, more relaxed and satisfied. This can be the first step of the stratification of a multiple burden of devaluation and the appearance of the first ray of light and glimmer of hope.

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