Indonesian Exercises Programme Nipertai is derived from its original version Satria Nusantara and it has been adapted to this climate. Nipertai or Art Breathing International Indonesia is literally the art of breathing that has traditionally been used in Indonesia.

The exercises are organised in a daily rhythm – 2 hours per day, 12 days in a row. During these two hours, a combined programme of breathing exercises is practiced, as well as warming up and a special coordination system of exercises for each energy centre (chakra).

The exercises are used to raise the general energy of vitality (Chi energy) and health.

Indonesian exercises “Nipertai” are done in accordance with the basic model of traditional exercises “Satria Nusantara”. It is about an energy transformation process, which lasts for 12 days and requires full concentration on movements. Combining special movements of arms and legs, we stimulate the work of our glands of internal secretion and activate alchemical processes of the body. By joining different angles of the eyeballs, we activate our spiritual glands, pituitary gland and pineal gland as well. By activating all of them, we achieve the progress of our body to greater vibration and we open ourselves to new life opportunities, new people. This is an opportunity to feel like the creators of our own lives and to take full responsibility for our actions. The exercises are performed in conscious silence with a special emphasis on the phenomenon called “retained breath”. Connected with so-called “divine breath”, we activate hidden potentials of our personality and become masters of the present moment.

These exercises are recommended for:

  • Issues related to concentration, attention, fatigue, intelligence
  • Anti-ageing (rejuvenation) of organs and the whole body
  • Metabolic issues, slow or fast metabolism (either obesity or thinness)
  • Hormonal issues (menstrual issues, menopause, sterility)
  • Respiratory device issues
  • Dysfunction of the bone and joint system

Methods of performing this technique

The exercises are performed in ground halls, while we are completely barefoot without sneakers or socks in order to feel the energies, which pulse from the Earth through our soles and hence maximally establish our connection via the first energy centre. Grounded for 12 days, we work on raising our potentials through seven energy centres, reaching our maximal capacity and identity.

During these Nipertai technique exercises we learn a special breathing skill called restrained or reverse breathing. In the Far East, using this technique, masters of martial arts used to strengthen the fascia of all organs and tissues, obtaining the phenomenon of “steel shirt”, which was used for rejecting enemies’ hits.

aleksandra maksimovic

Personal Experience of Aleksandra Maksimović

I have been successfully teaching and raising awareness through connecting two distant cultures of Serbia and Indonesia for 10 years. I learnt Nipertai skills from Agus Maryant, who is one of the leading masters of this discipline in Indonesia.

Through practicing Satria Nusantara – extremely strong exercises, you bring your energy centres into harmony using certain movements and body positions. In just 12 days, you can reach your maximum not only on physical but on etheric, astral, causal and other levels.  Also, you learn how to hold your breath (reverse breathing) because thus you strengthen the fascia of organs and muscles, such as in some other disciplines. This way you encourage your body and clean all energy barriers of it, you put the spine vertically and all other organs in their place and what you get is the incredible feeling of strength.

After learning, the group passes a physical test consisting of three parts: The first part – Four people hold one end of the newspaper, and the fifth one stands in the middle of it. They have to lift the person from the ground without tearing the newspapers. The second part – Recognising the energy of each collage paper colour while wearing a blindfold, using the touch of hands. And the final, third part – to charge a bulb on a certain breath, throw it on the floor and then it should start hopping. Then, you extract energy from the bulb, using a sudden breath, and throw it on the floor. It should be broken then. Out of 40 participants, I was the only one who managed to do everything.

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