Back Pain

bol u leđima

A healthy person has a thousand wishes, a sick person only one – to be healthy!

The absence of pain is a priority of each and every person. The most common pain is a sudden sharp one, for instance – back and foot pain, as well as toothache, headache…

Back pain/ischialgia, depending on its intensity, often prevents a person from maintaining his/her usual daily life rhythm. The fact that you cannot stand, walk, get in the car, drive, put on your shoes, go to the toilet, cough or sneeze is more than frustrating!

In addition to this pain, anger usually occurs due to the state of helplessness and weakness because you are prevented from carrying out your work in due course. Intense back pain, combined with nervous irritability, puts people in the situation, where they do not choose the way of resolving it. Besides medications, physical therapies and massages, there are other ways to release a pinched nerve without the fear of contraindications. Non-invasive self-healing is a natural way to bring the body into balance.

We use Bowen technique as a solution for acute sciatica!

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