Reflexology is an ancient skill based on the massage of reflex points on the feet and hands, which are connected to certain organs, all with the aim of improving their functions.

Chinese doctors made precise maps of the reflex zones on the feet and hands 5,000 years ago, when this skill was applied. Reflexology is mostly present in Eastern cultures, it is popular in Europe and America, and since 2007 it has been recognised in our country as a traditional method of treatment. In Japan, there is a lunch break and a reflexology break because the Japanese believe that foot massage provides the body with extra strength for a hard working day.

By massaging the reflex points on the feet, a therapist can detect the imbalance of some parts of the body and stimulate them with certain massage techniques, using the thumb and toes, before this imbalance manifests as a symptom of disease. When all imbalances are unblocked, the resumption of life energy is allowed and the organism returns its balance.

The first reflexology treatment is also a diagnostic one because pain at a certain point of the foot shows us which organ is suffering, whether it is an acute or chronic phase of the disease… If pain is sharp and penetrating, it is an acute problem, while dull pain usually indicates chronic problems that have energetically weakened a particular organ.

Thanks to reflexology, we can easily establish that, for instance, impaired kidney function has caused hearing damage, and that liver dysfunction has led to vision disorders or some other health issue.


By massaging the zones on the feet, in a mild or strong way, we will provoke pain that will show us the energy state of the organ we are treating. The hands and feet are extremely sensitive to touch, so their massage can activate blocked meridians in the body and stimulate detoxification processes. This is how the mechanisms of energy revitalization of the organism are started.

Reflexology therapy with essential oils can be used to relax, improve circulation and concentration, raise the general tone and revitalise the body, and to reduce nervous tension and aggression, eliminate chronic fatigue. Practice confirms on a daily basis how accurate reflexology is in diagnosis and safe in therapy. In all developed countries, it is recognised as an official method of treatment.

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