Identity is your Immunity

The authentic “code” of each of us is written in our genes. And each of our 75,000 billion cells has a clear idea of who we are. There is communication between them that transmits not only information but also the vibration of our emotions. If you choose to be happy today, imagine the joy and strength of your cells inside, which happily perform their functions according to a perfectly arranged design.

We are witnessing changes that have happened to us suddenly. No one could have predicted this course. Suddenly, free time emerged as a category we learned to skip every day. We need to know how to spend our free time. What do you use it for? And do you have the strength to spend time with yourself, are you good company to yourself? What thoughts come to you first?

The questions we often ask ourselves when we are left alone can hurt us like the blades of a knife if we are not satisfied with ourselves. You should keep in mind that we are primarily emotional beings. And that the moment we wake up, we open our eyes, we recognize in ourselves whether we are happy because we are awake or in a bad mood because there is another boring, demanding day ahead of us. How do you wake up? What first emotion flickers in you? Flight, worry, boredom, indifference? Do you have time to feel your body, breathe with full lungs, smile because a new day is ahead of you and you are happy to go and prepare your morning drink? Do you know how to recognise love and self-confidence?

Life is a set of our choices

Can you stop your activities for a moment and write down your characteristics? What sets you apart from others or even better, what you clearly feel as your identity. What music do you like, what do you like to eat, do you like to sleep for a long time, what do you like to do every day…?

We are born with a certain potential and a certain energy, and just like a 100 watt light bulb, we are able to fill the space with strong light. And what happens when the voltage drops? The bulb no longer shines with the same power. The flow of energy is no longer strong and power is lost somewhere.

Imagine your body as a perfect computer that contains billions of cells with clear data, functions, memory. Everything we thought, felt, experienced is stored in our memory, with a clear idea of our own identity inscribed in our DNA. Any waiver of its authenticity can lead to interruption in communication, and loss of communication leads to impairment or loss of function of cells, organs or organ systems. When the cells are in harmony with each other, our body functions and is healthy, and then we say that we have a strong immunity. The body is able to activate its potentials and raise the level of defense against foreign attackers.

Cell food

With a positive attitude, the energy of optimism, we send an additional impulse of support to our cells by strengthening the immune response. Optimism and motivation encourage us to take a long breath, encourage us to take extra care of the choice of supplements, teas, healthy food. Aware of everything we love, we will do our best to afford it and quickly return to normal. Knowing the functional command of the immune system, we will activate the defense cells and allow the body to regenerate.

But what pleases me and my body does not mean that it pleases yours. We are of different blood groups, we are of different ages, we are from different climates, we are of different constitutions, we are of different genders. We are vegetarians, Bretorians, carnivores, we cannot fall into the same categories. We are distinguished by individual identity, national identity, collective identity. And let’s face it, we like that diversity. Especially when someone knows how to describe us in a positive light, emphasizing our originality. Then the spark of joy like lightning in our body sends a signal of approval to turn on all the drives and start good hormones that will deepen our sense of satisfaction and serenity.

The best medicine is in us! It is up to us to decide and encourage our body to positive reactions and reward ourselves with good health and mood. To be aware of our authenticity means to know ourselves well. And that means that we know best what we like at this moment and what renews us.

This time is a kind of gift for each of us, because it offers us the opportunity to improve and raise our immunity, with a positive attitude and self-confidence. Knowledge along with intuition has always been a way to evolve. This time we are closer to each other than ever. Let’s look to our cells and be supportive of each other, relying on our own originality and in the consciousness of the community. Because together we can do everything!

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