Integrative medicine is the medicine of the future: a person should be treated, not a disease

Identity is our immunity. Have you thought about that? What this actually means, Dr. Francisco Monivas is explaining, director of the International Association for Integrative Medicine in Spain, psychologist and physician

In the search for answers about how our body functions, why diseases occur and how to maintain health, the starting point for many is the Faculty of Medicine. However, often those who want more, and who do not get answers about human nature through the teachings of Western medicine, are ready to look for those answers further. Dr. Francisco Monivas, who recently stayed in Belgrade organized by Aleksandra Maksimović and who held a seminar on Integrative Medicine in the centre of Eglantine, also first finished medicine, then psychology, and then something opened up before him that changed his further course of life.

“Initially, I practiced psychotherapy and researched the unconscious mechanisms of human action,” the director of the IIMA Association in Spain, a licensed psychologist at the Medical University of Madrid, with over 30 years of experience in psychotherapy and psychoenergetics, told Sensa exclusively. “I was dealing with transpersonal psychology, humanistic psychology, I wanted to study unconsciously. Then I got in touch with the International Association for Integrative Medicine, which gave me knowledge about energies, and which was completely unknown to me until that moment. I felt how everything was arranged, all that knowledge from medicine and psychology suddenly found its place, everything came together. Then I got the urge to further research and deal with it. To deepen my knowledge of the human being”

The Unity of Medical Practices

What is Consciousness Medicine and What is Integrative Medicine Today?

Integrative medicine, as we define it as the International Association for Integrative Medicine, is a medicine that integrates all other branches of medicine and makes them complementary. It is primarily based on knowledge about energies and contributes to making all other medical practices, ie therapeutic methods, much more efficient and operative.

We say that it is integrative because it encompasses the entire knowledge of the energies that make up a human being. Integrative medicine has devised an energetic language that has enabled other types of medicine to find a common language that would be better understood. It tries to figure out and set exactly clear parameters so that we know at what level of the human being we need to act in order to establish health, because every medicine works at a certain level: homeopathic, allopathic does not work the same…

Does that mean that attention is first paid to the energy and energy body of the person?

Integrative medicine is the medicine of health, not disease. For it, the principle of health is identity. Identity is the path to unity. When we are in our identity, we are healthy. What we do is study different energy levels and try to explain what is happening and how identity is being lost. You are right there, Integrative Medicine is based on energy sciences. We start from the teachings established by the seven chakras, but we also study the senses which are connected with elements, forces, energy centres called spirals, universal energies contained in human beings. We study different energies that, among other things, make up the subtle human bodies. Every body, be it physical, etheric, astral, causal has its function. We study all these components from the energy aspect and look at everything that affects a person. In order to be able to correctly diagnose the level at which a person has lost their identity, we must first discover it, and then the person’s health scheme.

Since the disease first arises on the energy level, and then materializes, we can say that by healing the energy we heal the physical body…

Unless there was physical trauma. In general, you are right, all diseases just start at a subtle energy level, and if we are not aware of that disorder at that level, later it materializes and we get functional disorders and eventually turn into diseases. An organ may stop functioning. What we are learning is how to act, first starting from the physical level and then going to the more subtle levels, in order to re-establish the unity of the human being. This is medicine that is connected, as we say, with recognition and consciousness. We ask the therapist who wants to apply this type of medicine to work very hard on themselves so that they are vectors, ie carriers of health.

We are micro universe

Consciousness medicine therapists should and could heal their patients using their own energy.

Therapists need to know which systems are disrupted, but they can do so if they know the energy structure very well. For that, they first need to recognize it in themselves. It is this interdependence that an individual has with his collective, immediate environment, wider environment and, ultimately, the universe. We are a mirror, we are one micro universe, a mirror of all the energies that exist in the macro universe. Everything is practically already in us.

The universe is also in us. We are made of stellar matter. We are a way for the universe to know itself, said Carl Segan…

Yes, we are modeled on the macro universe. The macro universe has its own order, there are universal laws. In us, as human beings, there is this order. When health is lost, order is actually lost, that scheme. Where there is unity, there is health, and everything is in its place. And where there is division, you have unconsciousness and loss of health.

So, the medicine of consciousness encompasses two things that are still opposed to us in this area: medicine, because here it is still perceived as Western, and consciousness, something that is spiritual…

Integrative medicine encompasses all therapies of all medicines and respects all the knowledge and everything we have acquired over the centuries. But its contribution is to embrace new energy knowledge. Integrative medicine requires doctors to master this energy knowledge, so that their medicine, i.e. the field in which they work, would be more efficient and give better results. That medicine, therefore, observes the basic physical aspect of the human being, so it climbs to the most subtle levels.

In fact, by expanding our consciousness do we heal our beings?

That’s right, because the path to unity is actually the path of consciousness.

In what way does identity represent immunity? Where do we lose our identity and in what way?

The guarantor on the physical level of our identity is our immune system. The immune system serves not to break down, to function as a system regardless of the attacks we get from the outside. But on subtle levels there must also be an identity. And that is the path of consciousness by which we discover what we really are, what our life potential is. When we live at our life potential, then we are in harmony with what we really are. But when the difference between our potential and what we live is great, then we are under a lot of stress and we lose our balance, we cannot adapt to situations, and that, of course, later leads to problems and changes in the body. They can be on the physical level, but also on the energy level.

We have seen from experience that diseases mostly serve people and that they often do not want to be healed because they do not know what will happen when they no longer have what they are used to during their life. How does Integrative Medicine approach the patient in that sense, does it increase the patient’s awareness and, by giving him an identity, enable him to “renounce” the disease in a certain way?

The way we would say is that it is not that these patients do not want to be healed, but the situation is that the problems they have are so painful, that we have a protection system that practically anesthetizes us. And that is “throwing into unconsciousness” – unconsciously prevails, until the point until the pain becomes physical. Then we can no longer ignore him. It is that moment of consciousness, when we assume that there is something that does not work. But there is a constant struggle between consciousness and unconsciousness in us, and the path of consciousness is to discover what is happening. We all have moments when the unconscious prevails, when we want to be anesthetized. But sooner or later, we all have to face what is not good in us and what causes us pain. Integrative medicine works to be able to reconnect with a person, to re-establish a certain energy flow, a flow that is blocked, it is to re-establish the strength we all carry within us, in order to re-establish a person’s health scheme to the best extent.

Personal and preventive medicine

In a way, it is also personal, adapted to a person, because the western one is adapted to diseases, if we observe that there is a cure for every disease…

What you have noticed is true, it is personal medicine because it is health medicine. Although our energy structure is common to all human beings, each person lives it differently. And because of that, that energy diagnosis is exactly completely personalized. We need to determine exactly which are the points on a person’s body where energy is blocked and what it is where the health pattern is lost. Of course, always keeping in mind what the health scheme of each patient is, therefore, how a human being should function when he is healthy.

Does each of our organs have an identity and when we restore its identity, do we gain integrity?

Every cell, every organ has its own personal identity. Every function, be it digestive, circulatory, has an identity. Every subtle body has its own identity. We are all cells of that universal person. The liver of a Serb functions the same as the liver of a Kenyan. Only when there is a process of ingesting toxins, we lose the health scheme that Creation gave us.

What are the energy spirals you mentioned?

The spirals are the energy points we have along the body. We have 12 of them and they are connected to emotional points, and they connect our interior with the outside world. They allow us to better imprint ourselves in our own weft, but also in the weft of our world. These are some types of vortices of energy that connect us with the telluric aspect, the Earth, with the external environment, but also with the most subtle one. And they are connected with energy centres and with the senses and subtle bodies.

Is integrative medicine also preventive medicine?

Yes, that’s right, it is preventive medicine. If we can correctly diagnose disorders in the body when they are in their infancy, we can prevent many diseases.

How do we create our reality?

We create it by our choices. Human beings have free will: the human kingdom is the kingdom of consciousness and can give the earth what is best, as well as itself. It all depends on the choices we make. Our decisions mark our future and our destiny. I hope that in the future we will act out of consciousness, out of unity, that is, from recognition.

How much power do we have of free will in relation to our unconscious, which works like a big engine and takes the lead over our lives?

The unconscious is strong and is part of karma. This karma can be individual or collective. But our mission is to sanctify the unconscious, to sanctify karma. Consciousness and light will always be stronger than the unconscious. Always.

Source: Sensa, Jasmina Stojanović

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