šta je refleksologija

What is Reflexology and how do we use it in Alvita Plus Centre?

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an ancient method that was once used thousands of years ago as both a diagnostic and a therapeutic method.  At the same time in Egypt, China, India, Indonesia, but among the American Indians and South American people, a pattern appeared that determined which organ was endangered through special points on the feet and hands, and by pressing and massaging certain points it was possible to reduce pain and heal an organ or the whole region.

The arrangement of points is the same or similar in almost all schools of reflexology, so if we want to be sure which organ is energetically reduced, we will compare according to different schemes and thus be sure that we have recognized the endangered organ.

At Alvita Plus Centre, we use reflexology in the treatment of painful feet caused by various deformities.  The most common problems are bruises, painful bumps on the inside of the foot, associated with hammer toes, but also flat feet or feet twisted inwards or outwards, heel spines.

The treatment of reflexology itself, when applied in repairing tendrils or straightening shortened tendons, is painful.  With strong acupressure of special points on the foot, it is possible to reduce the bunion or soften it over time ie. Eliminate certain deformities.

In the therapeutic treatment itself, it is necessary to resort to an additional protocol in order to encourage the body to a pain elimination program.  We advise our users to apply special targeted exercises to correct deformities with the use of special anti-inflammatory and analgesic creams.

With a combination of home protocol and reflexology treatments, the result will not be missed.  It is important to set a goal and determine the time to dedicate to YOURSELF.

Today, a large number of women have a problem with foot pain.  By choosing quality footwear, it is possible to prevent the development of deformities, but that is not enough when the tendency to form bunions is obvious.  Therefore, if you notice the first signs of pain, swelling, redness in the area of ​​the thumb, the joint under the thumb and the pads on the sole, ask for advice on how to prevent the development of further deformity.

Every foot massage will help to alleviate the pain for a while, but for serious deformities and severe pain, it is necessary to apply medical reflexology, which will release shortened tendons with strong acupressure and encourage the whole body to work.

The Bowen method, which has been used in Belgrade since 2010, has been widely used in relieving  pain, and during that time it has developed rapidly and found its place in alternative medicine.

That is a non-invasive way of encouraging the body to self-heal, which can confuse a patient at first glance. The uniqueness of Bowen technique lies in breaks in its use, because after each pressure – the massage of special parts of the body, a patient should be in a calm position for a few minutes in order to respond to a message that has been sent. In this way we place the body in the state of psychophysical balance, with the aim to encourage currently missing functions:  reducing the pain, insomnia, correcting bad posture, anti-inflammatory process and many others.

The method has no contraindications, and children react best to it.  In working with deformities of the feet and spine, Bowen occupies a special place because in this way we give the body clear instructions on how to correct poor posture that has a long time automatically.  In the treatment of scoliosis and painful bunions, we use the Bowen method primarily to relieve pain, which can reduce the working ability of children and adults.

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