The seminar “Reflexology of chakras”

The seminar “chakra reflexology” includes topics related to:

  • the explanation of the origin of reflexology,
  • its application through the centuries,
  • which is the secret of the success of reflexology.

The content of the seminar is divided into 6 phases:

  1. Origin of reflexology – history of medicine in this section,
    we will look at the application of reflexology in ancient Egypt, relying on the records that are still used today in medicine, India-records from Atravaveda , as well as Chinese writings from the period 5000BC.
  2. Phases of emrbryogenesis and their importance in embryo formation, tissue classification
  3. Head zones-explanation of the reflex arc and the main receptors responsible for the transmission of stimuli in the body
  4. Vedic explanation of cosmology, records from the Upanishads, presentation of energy flows-chakras, their chronology and connection with the physical body.
  5. Contemporary concept in explaining the role of Universal Man,
    the concept of Universal Consciousness, the evolution of Consciousness and how we use it today, the emotinal qualities of energy centers –the prism. of D.Didier (Author of numerous books in approaching a new concept of the Universe with: “Space travelers, Cőté pile Côté face, to discover unity and each its own truth.”
  6. Practical explanation of energy centers on the feet and their activation.

The seminar is scheduled for April 3. and 4.
It will be held online.

Saturday from 10am to 4pm
Sunday from 10am to 15pm

The seminar is led by:

  • MA Aleksandra Maksimović, reflexology instructor, Professor of Integrative Medicine IMA, Master of Physical Medicine (CV)
  • Prof.Dr.Stefano Turini, geneticist (CV)

The price of seminar is 180 euros (dinar equivalent)

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