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Deformity of the Feet and Spine – How to Prevent them?

High heels are a secret female weapon. We feel seductive, powerful and confident in them. In them, the legs look longer and more beautiful… but sometimes they can also hurt. What happens when not at all beautiful painful bumps appear next to the big toe on our “secret weapon”, so beautiful summer sandals are no longer in the foreground, but pain that irritatingly indicates a deformity of the foot.

There are more and more women who complain of pain in the feet due to a painful bump next to the thumb – the so-called bunions. The reason for this increasingly common problem, in addition to the hereditary factor, flat feet, is the wearing of uncomfortable tight shoes with high heels. If we spend most of the day in such shoes, our feet suffer a lot of pressure, unable to change position to achieve comfort, they remain shrunken and as a result there are pains, redness, numbing of the toes and these pains are further transmitted to the whole body. Doctors warn that heels larger than 3 cm are harmful to health and contribute to the development of pain in the foot, heel, toes, calves, knees, hips, and even the back and neck.

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Tribute to High Heels

On hot days, members of the fairer sex usually wear elegant narrow sandals with high heels and straps that tighten the foot. After a few hours, however, the legs swell, and pain occurs that spreads to the knees, back, and even the neck.

In the summer, it is not important to take care of the feet only with a pedicure, but it is necessary to do a few morning exercises in order to avoid swelling and pain in the legs during the day. You need about ten minutes to practice if you repeat each exercise fifteen times.

When you wake up, stretch your feet up and down, continue to bend all your toes, and then twist your feet on the outside and inside. Finish the end of the exercise by turning your feet in a circle to the right, and then to the left – advises Aleksandra Maksimović, MA in Physiotherapy, Bowen Therapy and Reflexology.

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