Nipertrai-Satria Nusantara

During the practice of the Nipertrai-Satria Nusantara, a special breathing skill is taught, the so-called restrained breathing or reverse breathing.

In the Far East, with this technique, the masters of martial and spiritual skills strengthened the fascia of all organs and tissues, thus raising the general level of strength and health.Concentrating on the breath opens and expands vital capacities, the skill of holding the breath allows you to dive into the world of intuition and creation, while conscious exhalation frees the body from mental, emotional and physical toxins. By managing this type of breathing, we provide an internal massage of the organs whose benefits we can feel immediately. In addition to peace and tranquility in the body, it is possible to feel an influx of strength, a clearer view, better concentration and greater orientation in space. When we add special body movements to this guided breathing, we can produce therapeutic effects for different organs or regions in the body.

The goal is to activate the “inner power”  of self-healing that the ancient sages spoke of thousands of years earlier.

Dr. Haryadi Suparto has published a scientific paper on the topic of “Inner Powers” ​​exploring the effect of continuous SN practice on a number of participants. Together with his associates, scientific statistics confirm the therapeutic effect on diseases such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, neurological diseases, psychological diseases, as well as rheumatic diseases.

Satria Nusantara has a positive effect on:

  • state of chronic fatigue
  • stress
  • breathing disorder, panic attacks, asthma, shallow breathing
  • anxiety, depression
  • chronic diseases: diabetes, hypertension, rheumatic diseases
  • weakened concentration and attention, mental weakness
  • neurological diseases
  • aging of the organism

Controlled breathing can also lead to controlled thoughts. If we find a pleasant environments in nature and take a few minutes for ourselves, let’s use them for the greatest benefit – our health!

It is necessary to touch the ground with our feet, preferably without shoes, and with such open spirals on the soles, we start the vital force in the body, uniting with the power of nature. By conscious breathing, it is possible to remove unnecessary numerous thoughts that overwhelm us, bad emotions that block us, but also to oxygenate the cells in the body and raise the immunity to the highest level.

Satria Nusantara is a traditional martial art of Indonesia which is also recognized as a therapeutic skill. A few days of practicing Satria Nusanare can protect us from various viral and bacterial infections, because we have strengthened our body with oxygen. With deep abdominal breathing, we expand our internal energy capacities by accumulating prana in our second energy center. The accumulation of prana is our energy reservoir, which acts as a powerful generator of power independently of our will.

Human being  is one with the nature; as we breathe, and nature breathes through its plant kingdom, so we suggest that we perform the exercises in nature and restore the chain of communion with the other kingdoms of the planet Earth.

Through Satria Nusantara, we will learn to feel things in and around ourselves more easily,  we will think less, our intuition sharpens, as well as other senses, so during the practice of these exercises, a person feels more alive and more present than before.

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