Breath Holding Explanation


Nowadays, sport is an integral part of every individual’s life. Some approach it because of love, some because of health, some because of interest. What is our motivation to get involved in sports? The feeling of joint mobility lightness, strength of the body, good mood, bright, clear sight, better attention and concentration, greater self-confidence, stronger immunity and vitality in general. Hence, sport should be seen as a necessary branch of individual development of each of us through the prism of medical, social, economic and psychological aspect.


From ancient times, ancient peoples, as well as entire civilizations, knew that a strong and healthy army was necessary for the survival and strength of one state. Even the national identity of states was recognised through their military forces, discipline, endurance, competitive spirit, and then, of course, their fighting spirit that was their motivation to fight “until the end”.

In addition to caring about food quality, most of the time was devoted to persistent strenuous trainings, in order to achieve superior effects.

Throughout history, we faced the strength of Romans, ancient Greeks, Spartans, and further through centuries with other civilizations that gained a superior position in the world due to their healthy army and nation. It is important to mention that each sport has been inscribed over time as a special skill with its clear structure and precise expert guidance of professional teachers and coaches.

In order to gain its place in society, a story needs to have its Creator and idea maker, who will state clear steps to perfect success of that discipline, using his systematisation. With a clear structure and professional team, goal setting is a step that should motivate participants, so that an emotional set that the Creator should have is made of responsibility, enthusiasm, creativity and perseverance – with the intention of sports discipline to be easily and quickly accepted!

To achieve perfect results, it is necessary to take into consideration a few important facts:

Recognising the IMPORTANCE OF BREATHING FUNCTION as a basic vital function that can lead to raising the general capacity of health with special techniques and to greater endurance and thus better results in sports;

Balanced MIND AND BODY relaxation techniques in order to accomplish maximum results satisfying to both competitors and audience;

The use of natural INTEGRATORS that encourage the body to self-healing processes with additional supplementation, necessary for the improvement of general condition, and shorten recovery period after injury or illness;

Staying in nature – places where trainings are conducted should be distant from cities, polluted air, electromagnetic radiation, etc.


Oxygen is all around us. We inhale this gas during the whole our life and thus provide all our cells and organs with energy. Along with sugar – glucose and minerals, oxygen gives energy to our cells. With more physical strain, for instance while running – muscles consume more energy, so our body needs more oxygen. As a result, both breathing and heart rate become higher.

Humans ware created to move. During childhood, movement is crucial for the proper development of children. New discoveries confirm that something miraculous happens in our body while moving – rejuvenation occurs. During faster walking, for instance, after 15 minutes of such movement, muscle cells begin to create a protein that reaches the bloodstream due to their work and higher oxygen consumption. Carried by circulation, this protein, along with a larger amount of oxygen, reaches our brain, and then something miraculous happens – new blood vessels and nerve cells are formed – the most important organ for our life is renewed. The conclusion is clear – physical activity in nature, outdoors, far from the city air – renews and refreshes our central nervous system.

Such activity just needs to last longer, not those 15 minutes, outside, never indoors, no matter how much fresh air is there. An easy walk will not lead to the desired goal. More energetic activity is needed, for beginning – a faster walk and later a special programme of exercises for improving one’s general strength of SATRIA NUSANTARA / NIPERTRI.

Inhaling oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber is also beneficial for our body, either as prevention or as therapy. There is 100 percent oxygen inside the chamber, under greater pressure than usual atmospheric pressure. In such conditions – oxygen dissolves in our blood and it is so much easier to reach all organs and cells.

Many athletes have started using hyperbaric oxygen chambers for a while, before their strenuous matches and after training to get a better rest.

The treatment of inhaling 100% oxygen under higher atmospheric pressure in the hyperbaric chamber has a beneficial effect on our heart as well as on those wounds that are difficult to heal – after injuries or after surgical interventions.

Oxygen also has its beneficial effects when used from a large bottle. Then oxygen mixes with the surrounding air, and before it reaches one’s mouth or nose – it firstly passes through a container of water to get the necessary humidity. Inhaling oxygen from a bottle has been especially useful when it comes to bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, lung fibrosis, and even in lung cancer. Each clinic has an oxygen bottle that can be used immediately when needed. It is especially important to know that they can own an oxygen bottle for their therapy, because oxygen is officially registered as a medicine. Although pressure in the bottle is 150 times higher than external atmospheric pressure – there is no reason to worry – a steel bottle is strong enough to withstand it all.

We all know that sugar – glucose provides our cells with energy. But in order for a cell to extract energy from sugar – it needs oxygen and minerals as well. We have an intake of glucose and minerals through our diet and take oxygen through breathing. This essential process takes place in cellular organelles – so-called – mitochondria, which we can suitably name cellular power plants.

But what happens if for some reason an insufficient amount of oxygen reaches some cells? It would make sense to expect those cells to die. And that happens, mostly. But, the basic characteristic of all living beings is – the struggle for life. And that goes for all cells of ours. They will try to survive even with less oxygen than needed or even without oxygen. Then some cells switch to a primitive and inefficient way of getting energy – by fermenting glucose. In this way, without oxygen, a cell receives only one twentieth or only 5% of the energy, which glucose offers. A huge problem is that this way of getting energy makes the cell malignant and that is the beginning of cancer as a serious diagnosis. Then our immunity and our killer cells, macrophages, which need to quickly and efficiently recognize malignant cells and destroy them, come into play.

This scenario is something that happens at every moment in our body without even though we are unaware of it. Every day, our immunity wins not only in fights against bacteria, but also in fights against our own cells, which are transformed into bad cells. In that fight, we, people, are the winners without even noticing that. We laugh, love, talk, run, work, sleep, write, cry, worry, swim, read, travel and all the time our life battle is being fought in which we win at our cellular level. And as long as that is the case – we are healthy.

The aim of this brief reminder is to present to you in full light how important, such a simple thing as breathing, is.

Today’s human mostly lives under stress and in a huge cramp. Such cramp does not refer only to muscles and body or insufficient oxygen, but also to psychological cramps, i.e. our thoughts, emotions and desires, the points where it all begins. It hinders our full potential, creativity, expression, innate joy and trust in life. By simply holding our breath, we can release those cramps and open ourselves to a new view of the world and life.

While breathing consciously, slowly and deeply, we will notice that after each inhale and exhale, there is a pause and a slight holding of the breath. Such breath holding is a completely natural part of breath and the process of breathing itself (called Kumbhaka in Sanskrit) or conscious APNEA. Through Eastern breathing techniques (pranayama) we become aware of this process and manage our breath (inhaling, exhaling and holding the breath) in a variety of proportions. In that way, we are gradually preparing for a more conscious and deeper breath holding, which is natural for a person and has numerous benefits for one’s health and mind.

Breath Holding Advantages

Through breath holding, one may experience the complete rest, which includes not only the complete cessation of the air and muscle movements, but also the awareness of all movements and tendencies of the mind. All your rushes, anxieties, interests, motives, will, desires and various types of emotions stop for a moment. During such a peaceful break, we will experience perfect peace of mind and body, a very pleasant and blissful moment.

The practice of breath holding is great for the mind and a great help in introducing clear thoughts and concentration as well. It allows you to increase your concentration level while using physical and mental strength in a better way.

Our body constantly expels impurities. Pranayama, especially conscious breath holding, helps in eradicating them from the body. Due to bad eating habits, emotional stress, decreased functions of organs, etc. the purification process becomes inadequate. This results in the accumulation of waste and various diseases in some forms, while held breath stimulates purification process and in that way is a great help in accomplishing the best possible health.

The advantage of such breathing includes the stimulation of internal cellular breathing. It occurs in cells when there is no new oxygen coming into the lungs. This creates a special state in the body and stimulates the strength of cells so that they speed up their metabolic activities in order to maintain balance. They become more efficient when it comes to the use of oxygen and release of carbon monoxide and other toxins as well.

During breath holding, blood flow to the brain is increased and better work of the nervous system is encouraged.

The heart experiences peace and returns to its normal rhythm.

The practice of breath holding enables one to retain “washed” (vital, life) energy and thus longevity as well. Accumulated vital force is a kind of powerful generator of strength that keeps us in the lead over others while exposure to more complex physical effort.

Holding breath makes our senses and mental tendencies become sharper, leading to a stronger presence in actions. We are completely in the present moment and feelings of lightness, freshness, energy and calmness spontaneously appear.

By holding breath, we open ourselves to a new state of consciousness in which there is no rush, daily stress, worries and problems.

The basis for such type of training, we can use through the eastern therapeutic skill “SATRIA NUSANTARA / NIPERTRAI”. Using this breath holding technique, we learn to post our body in special positions and then, using active movements of the left and right sides, we do combined exercises.

By activating certain regions, we encourage the stimulation of special hormonal glands, and hence get a new benefit in favour of health, depending on the physical region we are activating. This training program is unique and possible only on trainings with valid masters. Given the numerous positive therapeutic effects that this method provokes in our nervous system (new SYNAPSE), serious improvements such as – increased concentration, better orientation in space, greater resistance to viral infections, sharpened intuition – have often been noticed.

The program of held breath requires regular training of conscious breathing with a clear rhythm of inhalation, conscious breath holding and exhalation. A daily programme that lasts for 15 minutes, before and after each training, is recommended. With acquired breathing rhythm, the capacities continue to increase in a huge percentage compared to previous experiences.

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