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Thumb and join pain are warning signs of bunions

Some ladies only need a pedicure to take off their shoes and walk proudly, showing their attractive feet, while some face outgrowths and bunions, which cannot be hidden and whose warning signs are exactly thumb and joint pain. However, although at first they seem to be only an aesthetical problems, bunions are a medical issue, which needs to be treated. Moreover, sandals and slippers are the smallest problem.

In fact, a senior physiotherapist Aleksandra Maksimović says that the problem of bunions is a cause and effect problem pertaining to the deformity of spine. Additionally, such changes can be inherited or acquired.

Flats are the worst shoes

Completely flat shoes, especially flats of low quality without insoles, are the worst choice of shoes. High heels, narrow and tight shoes have an equal negative impact on the spine and feet.

Shoes with heels from two up to four centimetres, which are appropriately wide, not tight, are ideal. Once the pain in thumb or the middle part of foot appear, sometimes even the pressure around the ankle, it is necessary to react. If you ask for help when you face the slightest symptoms, it will be much easier to deal with the issue. 

The problem of wearing uncomfortable shoes can be a vital factor in the development of bunions, but it also contributes to inappropriate posture and habits, we have acquired throughout lifetime. 

Aleksandra Maksimović, who uses Bowen technique and Reflexology for treating her clients, says.

It awakens one’s “inner doctor” and the power of self-healing, which each person possesses, and returns the statics of body and normal posture. All the above-mentioned things are preconditions for the disappearance of these completely unpleasant outgrowths.

Physical exercises cannot permanently solve the problem of body statics. They may help, but a more complex therapeutic approach is necessary as a solution for this problem. In order to help your feet, besides wearing comfortable shoes and walking barefoot, do foot circles and specific exercises with your big toe.

What is Bowen Technique?

Bowen technique is a completely new concept of working on the human body, which is not derived from any other method of physical therapy and hence it is not alike them. Bowen treatments consist of gentle manual movements of thumbs and other fingers over muscle and connective tissue, either over bare skin or light clothing. These movements send messages to the nervous system and recall the previously-stored cellular memory about their preferred relaxed and balanced well-being. Throughout the whole session, frequent breaks, which provide the body with enough time to react adequately and start the process of healing, are made. The first results are visible after 5-6 treatments, although the number of treatments, needed to solve the problem, depends on the person.

Somebody has had bunions for 30 years and they cannot disappear in two months. Somebody just wants to alleviate pain and hence becomes satisfied with the first improvements. There are people, who are strengthening their bodies, improving their overall condition and strength through these treatments. These people determine the frequency of treatment on their own.

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Aleksandra Maksimović, a Senior Physiotherapist, Bowen Therapist and Reflexology Therapist, for “Žena” (“Woman”) portal

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