Energy Medicine – Weaving of Love

In order to be able to help other people and provide them with love and compassion, Aleksandra Mladenović had to feel powerlessness, fear and vulnerability.

“Every human is numerous”, and in Aleksandra Maksimović (among others) at least two, equally strong persons are polarised. She is active, fast, piercing, and curious so the slogan of her early youth was “I want it all, I want it now!” At the same time, she has always been persistently and consistently seeking for answers and developing her spiritual being. Aleksandra is a senior physiotherapist, who practices Bowen Therapy at a centre of healthy life and alternative medicine called “Balans Medika”, but she has also been working in many fields of energy therapy. She believes that she is “an old soul”, because she has learnt and done a lot so far, but she is still open and starving for new knowledge. She likes her spirit, curious and eager to learn, and she has constantly been upgrading it.

So far, I have been convinced numerous times that the clarity of thoughts through an act, event or person, will be an enabler for further progress, Aleksandra says. You have to know what you want: whether you want to be healthy or slightly healthy, because often, if we are sick, we draw other people’s attention. If we take responsibility for our health, we must be fully aware of what makes us healthy and happy. Therefore, that is a belief: yes, I deserve to be healthy, happy and to emit and receive love. A majority of people do not wake up with this thought because they are in a rush, running after money, fame, power, men… thus forgetting the most important thing – themselves.

She was born in Belgrade, in an “average” family, frequently confused by her since she always “took into consideration the other side”, stood out of the environment where she lived as she was a rebel and dreamer. She wore only vivid and vibrant colours clothing, “because that is a meadow and joy. Her parents had difficulties with accepting that, not only because her styling was painful for eyes, but also because she was disturbingly different: “Why don’t you play with other children? Why don’t you dress up like other girls instead of that weird style?”

I kept wondering when I would grow up so that I could communicate with adults on equal bases, because I felt like someone, who was in a small body, but in the process of recognising something already familiar. As a child, I had communication with my guardian angel, who I perceived as a little man, whose eyes could not be seen, because of a Chinese cap, he was always wearing. I asked him everything I had been interested in and received precise answers. I was in two minds whether to enrol in theology or fine arts, but my mum is a reason why I opted for enrolling in medical school.

My first encounter with wounds was frightening, but at the same time I realised that I have a gift for communicating with patients along with calming effect on them and that the exchange of emotions and rapport, which have not usually been an integral part of medicine, although they should be, are vital, so I have started nurturing and developing them.

A soul fed by knowledge

This had taken me further, to the techniques I learnt afterwards when I realised that surgery is not a superior branch of medicine, as I had thought as a young being. If there is no background compassion for everything that is done in medicine, the real results will be lacking. As I was growing up, I wandered a lot without any clear goal and the answers I received at my school, family and social environment were not satisfying for me. I was very strict and self-critical and I set myself high/ambitious goals. However, my desire to get to know myself and the world led me to what I know today.

What do you know today?

We are born in unity with ourselves, but we start losing that unity because we do not have sufficient information or someone who would fill our goblets. Thus we slowly depart ourselves from our most crucial goal – from recognising ourselves. Instead of gathering, we dissipate. Knowing that, I have been trying to learn from my seven-year-old son, because children come with the pieces of information and he knows what I need to recognise in myself again.

What (and who) were your springboards to success?

I have always been reading books about oriental teaching, even though I did not have any ancestors from India, Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. The key people in my life come from the East and they appeared whenever I needed to open up for my further development. The fist important person was my Egyptian peer, whose intellect and spiritual maturity impressed me. We spent days and nights talking about religion and spirituality. It was a wonderful experience when he gave me some gifts – Moses-in-the-Cradle, used for stomach-aches by his mother, an herbalist, anise tea for immunity or the root of a plant for tooth brushing – small but essential things. Then I received everything I needed from him to feed my soul, because I have regarded knowledge as food for soul.

My great role-model during a period of my life was the wife of the Dutch ambassador, Mrs. Eri Sizo, a person of considerable knowledge and a big heart. Later, she would significantly influence the direction of my professional orientation. In the late 90’s, I met a very powerful Indian man, who possesses very special energy and deep knowledge, which could be helpful, but if you do not have a strong, well-founded identity and strong self-protection, they could be harmful, as well. In 2002, I met Agus, from Indonesia, who was in charge of industrial and economic relations at Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Belgrade, where I was a correspondent, engaged in gatherings organised by them for the purposes of representing their tradition and culture. His grandmother was a clairvoyant healer, who lived for 125 years and, among other things, she foresaw the birth of our son.

How did this happen – while chasing your essence, you jumped out of the reality and got sick?

It was a consequence of the life, which I perceived as the only possible and full one. I was immoderate in many things: I used to have three boyfriends, visited a hundred places per day, I used to smoke and drink sometimes and I tried to look like a model from magazines, which could also be exhausting. Neither the mind nor the body were satisfied by anything that was not strong, dazzling or intense enough. I gave myself unreservedly to everything. My body was no longer able to bear all the things it was exposed to and my soul and psyche could not absorb and process too much information, to many impressions, a turbulent life has always brought with itself. I completely forgot what my basic vocation has been – peace of mind!

And it cost. I was in a severe mental state, with post-traumatic stress disorder, even though it is a mild term for everything I was going through for a year. I aversely remember that period, which took place 10 years ago, but it has been very important for me since it is crucial in treating my patients. However, I would not change that experience, because each thing that happens during our life is a valuable and useful for our growing up. This illness had to give birth to me again, because otherwise I would not be able to enter spirituality and healing. My path has been to help others, so I had to learn how to do that, how a sick person feels. In order to be able to provide them with love and compassion, I had to touch the bottom, to feel powerlessness, fear and vulnerability.

How did you manage to overcome that?

I had been searching for help everywhere and in the end I made my own pyramid, painted it and write down on its back: on my way to healing, I search for and find only these doctors who use a holistic approach and who will help me as they would help themselves. I (really) realised that God is inside me as he is all around us and that, if, so, God in myself will not allow me to stop living, growing and developing.

Depth of Bowen Technique

In order to satisfy my thirst for knowledge, I studied reflexology, crystal healing, radiesthesia and Sujok therapy. I got the opportunity to go to the Netherlands, where I graduated from chakra reflexology and mineral school and studied Reiki and the basics of Bach Flower Remedies.

Your ex-husband has been an expert for Satria Nusantara exercises, still unknown here – what is their essence?

-Practicing Satria Nusantara, extremely strong exercises, with certain movements and body positions, you bring your energy centres in harmony.  In just 12 days, you reach your maximum on your physical, and then ethereal, astral, causal and other levels. Breath holding (reverse breathing) is also thought as it strengthens the fascia of organs and muscles, as in some other disciplines. That is how you encourage your body and clean all energy barriers in it, place not only the spine (vertically) but all organs in their place and receive an incredible feeling of strength.

After learning, the group passes a physical test, which is consisted of three parts: The first part – Four people hold one end of the newspaper, and the fifth one stands in the middle of it. They have to lift the person from the ground without tearing the newspapers. The second part – Recognising the energy of each collage paper colour while wearing a blindfold, using the touch of hands. And the final, third part – to charge a bulb on a certain breath, throw it on the floor and then it should start hopping. Then, you extract energy from the bulb, using a sudden breath, and throw it on the floor. It should be broken then. Out of 40 participants, I was the only one who managed to do everything.

After that he offered you to be his student, didn’t he?

He needed somebody who would be a pioneer technique with whom he wanted to meet people in Serbia and the Balkans. I was flattered and during the next six months I enjoyed working with him. I was learning about deep meditations, the Qur’an, exercises… I noticed my change and growth. After a while, the intimacy between us had developed and I realised that I wanted a child with that man. I was confused by that change, and he drew a baby on a paper one day and said: son! I realised that it was my karmic story and that one soul had chosen us for their parents. My decision to get married to him, caused a lot of surprise, but I anyhow knew that it was inevitable. We had a nice life for several years and I gave birth to Stefan, six months before the expiration date of Agus’ mandate in Belgrade.

He returned to Indonesia, but I did not follow him, knowing that I had already gotten everything I needed to get from him. I have been living with an impressive boy Stefan Arjuna (named after the Indian God) Marijanto. I have been alone for the last five years and due to my turbulent youth, I believe that it is the time when I should become aware of everything that has previously happened to me and discover what my life wants to tell me now.

How did you come up with Bowen technique?

This technique is a very gentle form of natural healing. Dr Mira Gašić, a paediatrician, who has been fighting for the recognition and introduction of alternative medicine in our official treatment system for 30 years, told me about it. This technique originates from Australia and its creator is an ordinary man Tom Bowen, who after his imposing results in working with thousands of people during the 1960s, had conveyed his knowledge to several people, who continued spreading it – firstly, they opened a school and later an academy. An instructor Andrew Zopos, from the academy, arrived to our region – he was the one from whom I learnt this technique. Bowen treatment consists of gentle movements of fingers, on precisely defined parts of the body. In order to understand its subtlety and depth, it is required to really experience it.

Self-healing Energy

A therapist uses the movements of fingers or thumbs over muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and joints, where neurotransmitters are situated, through which with gentle movements, we send a vibration to the autonomic nervous system as a command centre, where the sent message is processed in order to awaken a healing response in the body. Bowen is not a massage, but a message. After that, cells are arranged by the command centre in order to repair impairments in our body. There are a few short breaks, between a series of movements, which are necessary to enable the body to process the sent messages we have sent by stimulating cellular receivers of the body.

If we start from the assumption that our body has the power of self-healing, the best medicine for us, this technique will be the one, which helps us open ourselves to such possibility. Bowen corrects all impairments of the body, and I decided to do the corrections of the musculoskeletal system in a centre “Balans Medika”.  These corrections of musculoskeletal systems include spine, shoulders, knees, hips, feet, pelvis… Due to the fact that they do not have any preconception, children achieve the best results.

What is Eglantina, which has been your preoccupation for a while?

After everything I had learnt, I found out Eglantina. It is a French-Spanish society that brings top experts to Serbia in order to teach us. I have been their member for three years and I enrolled in the Master in Integrative Medicine in Madrid. Eglantina is a carrier of essential knowledge related to energy medicine, telurology, present moment meditation, feng shui, magical tarot plants… Even though it may sound differently, there is no mystique in it: it is an honest and open way of helping somebody in reaching the truth about them.

Energy medicine means working on the recognition of yourself, every part of your body and understanding that it consists of energy centres and that each has its positive and negative characteristics. If we, for instance, have a problem with the ovaries, we need to know which emotion had made this barrier: hatred towards somebody, jealousy, possessiveness… It is an emotional diagnosis, which helps us become aware of what we have been doing to our organism for days or years and what has led to health issues.

The purpose of this teaching is recognising the weft, pervading, the sixth element, which is the basis of everything. . What we get through this teaching are diluting and cleaning of the weft, how to free it from all those layers of emotions that make it “tight”, how to keep clean relationships between people. We learn how to weave love. By working on ourselves, we work for the benefit of all humanity.”

I can feel now that the weft between you and me is nice and loose. Through alchemical knowledge, we learn how to feel and recognise the transcendence of spirit: from the core of the Earth to the Sun, from us to God. The transcendence of spirit is the essence of our life if we are determined to the Light.

Source: Sensa

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