Inner power healing

“Inner power” healing as a traditional culture in strengthening the community health status

Head of Health Services Research and Development Centre (WHO Collaborating Centre), jl. Indrapura 17, Surabaya, Indonesia

— Dr Haryadi Suparto (between Otis and Harold) —


Traditional healing, especially related to mental or spiritual ability e.g. “inner power” healing, as a culture is accused to be one of the causes of low community health status. The reason is that “inner power” healing is not scientific, not rational and a competitor of modern medical treatment.

From a systems point of view, “inner power” healing as a component of the health system, if it is put proportionally as an alternative or as a complement to modern or other traditional healing, will contribute to optimal strengthening of the community health status.

To proof that “inner power” healing is really a valuable method for treatment, there should be studies using an objective and subjective way of thinking, because the philosophy is more holistic and considers 6 instead of 5 senses as is common in scientific methods.


To study the possibility of “inner power” healing as a traditional culture in strengthening the community health status.


A preliminary study before the actual and holistic study, consisting a literature study, purposive studies and analysis of secondary data.

The purposive studies were done in Surabaya and concentrated to one “inner power” organization called Satria Nusantara. In analysing the data, the holistic approach was used because the philosophy of “inner power” healing is more holistic, individual and equilibrium based.

Inner power:

Latent or exerted mental or spiritual ability related to the mind or spirit to act or be acted upon.

Blum diagram was used to analyse how “inner power” healing influences the health status, the positive and negative effects.


The studies showed that:

1.    Title      : The effect of “inner power” to hypertension patients.

Method : pre-post/study control design, n = 48

Result   : Exposure of “inner power” in 3 minutes to hypertension patients decreased

8.87 mmHg of systolic pressure and 5.40 mmHg of dialostic pressure (p < 0.001).

2.    Title      : Immunology of Satria Nusantara members.

Method : pre-post/study design, n = 18

Result   : After 12 days “inner power” exercise, there was 1.194 IU/ml increase

of IgG (p = 0.153)


3.    Title      : The effect of “inner power” exercise to laboratory examinations.

Method : pre-post study design (n = 30)

Result   : haemoglobine   : 10 worse/not normal,      30 better/normal, 0.01 > p > 0.001

SGOT              : 6 worse/not normal,        24 better/normal, 0.01 > p > 0.001

SGPT               : 3 worse/not normal,       27 better/normal, p < 0.001

Urine albumine   : 4 worse/not normal,       26 better/normal, p < 0.001

Urine reduction  : 2 worse/not normal,       28 better/normal, p < 0.001

Urine urobilin     : 2 worse/not normal,       28 better/normal, p < 0.001

Urine bilirubin    : 0 worse/not normal,       30 better/normal, p < 0.001


4.    Title      : The effect of “inner power” exercise on Leprosy

Method : pre-post study control design (n = 5)

Result   : One of 2 study patients showed improvement of wound healing process

and drop foot and no improvement of the control group.


5.    Title      : Concentration of ACTH and cortisol as result of Satria Nusantara meditation.

Method : pre-post study control design (23 study, 10 control)

Result   : Satria Nusantara meditation gave response to ACTH stress hormone as an

indicator in explaining physiobiologic respons mechanism of body systems

(p < 0.05)

6.    Title      : Observation of “inner power” healers using Aura camera.

Method : pre-post study control design (n = 12)

Result   : “Inner power” healing process changed Aura color to the right

(red  yellow  green  blue  violet) meaning it lowered the emotion.


7.    Title      : Observation of healing process by Kirlian camera.

Method : pre-post study design

Result   : During “inner power” treatment, the organ function of the patients improved

but of the healers worsened.

Literature study on Satria Nusantara showed that:

1.    Title      : The effect of “inner power” treatment to Diabetic patients.

Method : pre-post study design (19patients in 12 months)

Result   : “Inner power” treatment lowered the blood glucose by 60.1 gm% (p < 0.005)

2 hours after a meal


2.    Title      : The effect of “inner power” exercise on blindness

Method : pre-post study design (7 blind, 8 low vision), three months period.

Result   :- increased the fitness (7 patients)

– improved the illness (7 patients)

– 7 with total blindness could detect colours at 15 cm distance, 8 with low vision

improved the vision from 1-5 m to 20-30m.


3.    Title      : The effect of “inner power” treatment to schizophrenic patients.

Method : case study in 3 weeks treatment.

Result    : after 3 weeks treated with “inner power”, the ability of a schizophrenic patient to

communicate increased, more obedient, willingness to work.


4.    Title       : The effect of Satria Nusantara basic exercises.

Method  : pre-post study design, 45 subjects, 12 days

Result    : – increased static strength of leg muscles (p < 0.05)

– increased haemoglobine content (p < 0.05)

– increased indurance of cells against hypoxia.


Culture: believing and practising “inner power” as a traditional healing

Human development : “Inner power” healing strengthened the promotion, treatment and rehabilitation of health and prevention against health problems.

“Inner power” up to now cannot be scientifically defined and proved properly but many people (even scientists) belief that “inner power” exists and is inherited. This “inner power” increases the antibody against diseases through psychoneuro immunology. The organization of Satria Nusantara promotes health through its motto cured-healthy-brotherhood (sembuh-sehat-saudara, ed.).

The “inner power” exercises prevent against many diseases and also be a cure for chronic diseases; besides that it increases the indurance against hypoxia and physical strength. Patients not able or willing to do “inner power” exercises can get “inner power” treatment, but only for acute or symptomatic diseases (a more passive approach, red.). By increasing the sensitivity of the sixth sense, the “inner power” can make a blind man to “see” through his/her fingers. This is a great jump for blind persons to interact with their environment, following the use of Braille, white stick or even electronic devices. It also improves the capability to work and to strengthen the family’s economic situation.

“Inner power” exercises improve the mental condition of participants, improve individual’s behaviour and improve the health status.

Other “inner power” activity such as lectures, recreation and other social activities create a sense of belonging and brotherhood among the participants, which is also important for maintaining and securing health.


Satria Nusantara “inner power” healing as an Indonesian traditional culture possibly strengthens the community health status. More elaborate studies are needed to operationalise this “inner power” healing into a national health programme.


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