Numbers for emotions

591 718 9181419 – it is a number called the golden rule, important for communication, both ours and someone with whom it is difficult, in verbal attacks, in internal blockades.

59871798139 – for repression, anger, guilt (since birth we do not have a normalized situation, that is, as a child we formed certain feelings, when we were hurt, when we simply did not say what oppresses us but pushed it into some depths. This repression happens to a person could function normally, however these feelings emerge in a variety of situations and need to be freed).

  • 419316 019817 311 – abulia (when we need to do something and it is of great importance and we know that it is important but we still do not do it), a number good for children when learning;
  • 819 498 21931 – number for doubt, it is recommended to do this number first and then all other technologies;
  • 489314 81961 – panic;
  • 519514 319891 – depression;
  • 548 317 718 491 48 – free (indefinite) fear;
  • 489 712 819 48 – phobia.

Visualize the silver-white sphere and write a numerical string in it, then move the sphere  in the control space until you feel that some place is an adequate one, leave it there and concentrate on the number and the solution of the task.  See how the world changes shape, becomes flattened, elongated, reduced…

If you are working with others, imagine a person’s character and put a sweater on it so that it touches his skin, so concentrate on the number line and have a goal in the background.

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