Polka dots

Shoes which reveal my identity! Chic, comfortable, colorful, and above all, polka dot shoes. My shoes – my way.

The shoes I love must be in harmony with my nature. Hedonism is in the first place because I love and respect MYSELF. I can’t imagine going somewhere and being a slave to high fashion, unconsciously biting my lips out of the pain caused by the pointed tip of my shoe. In such situations it would disappoint me before I even get where I intended.

Today when I want ‘crazy’ shoes with an unusual design and even more unusual heel, I always take a larger size. Dancing flamenco when I was young, I remember the problem I had finding suitable square dance shoes, so called ‘shoes for grandmas’, but pretty stable ones.

The force we used, while hitting the floor with the heels, left the marks on the already worn wood parquet, but the heels didn’t fall off. Once learned ‘taconeo’ enabled me to walk confidently with my heels on, and very often I catch myself that, while walking, I still keep the rhythm 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4…

I love stability, but I am as well aware of the fact that it only depends on me whether I will have it, that is, whether I do have it. The more I am independent, the more I rely on myself. I indulge myself into my decisions and choices, from which I always learn a lesson.

I am not interested in trends, in what someone said or thought, particularly not in what clothes someone wore or what shoes he or she put on. Knowledge helps me make choices, and, I must admit, it is life experience that does that now.

During my medical practice, I’ve learned to recognize who has ‘IDENTITY’ and who is a copy paste. And the patchwork itself is lovable as being colorful, but uninteresting in its content. Because it has already been seen, but not experienced with an authenticity.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where plagiarism is not punished and authenticity is not valued. That should not stop us from making our small personal choices and gaining victories with which we defy others. You may not like my shoes, perfume or my character, but I do like them. I enjoy wearing what suits me, what makes me happy and relieves me.

From the whole color spectrum red gives me stability. It puts me in the present moment, reveals the power of the vital force in me. I am ready to step out of this everyday life, break down beliefs, speed up and expand myself all the way till eternity.

And all that thanks to my red shoes. The magnetism of the red keeps me steady in this incarnation, with no excuses such as ‘I’ll think about that tomorrow’.

And polka dots are here to confuse life coordinates. Because, if you thought you understood what it was all about – you are so wrong.

Chaotic black and white polka dots can pop up any moment and spoil the safety and clarity of the form. The magic is in the unpredictability we cannot tame, and we won’t. Because otherwise it won’t be magic any more.

We should not keep things under control, we should be faithful and trust our life instead. That’s why a blue feather is missing here on my shoe, for the quietness.

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