Healing Speech

Have you thought that speech is what reveals us? It shows our character and clearly portrays our authenticity. Even when we remain speechless, unsaid words have the power to find their way and come to the surface, as a wormhole.

Using a grimace, simple mimicry, we try to suppress our reaction, but an insightful eye cannot miss anything. Everything is clearly visible, even though it is not pronounced.

Then, we are provoked and do not manage to ponder, so we accumulate words and pile up the burden of ourselves and others. Although we have the feeling of relief, because “we have already told him”, our innate just mind sets the scales of Justinian and measures the burden of uttered words.

“I was right when I said what I had thought, I actually said what I did not mean, but I could say much more.” Thus we steadily enter an inner monologue and quarrel with our imaginary “opponent”.

Why were we given speech? We could have simply expressed ourselves using hand gestures, sounds and body movements. But NO, WORDS were given. As a raw material, which requires to be processed by the energy of consciousness… Since unconscious speech reminds of a low-budget film, full of dull and plain scenes.

If we bring cheerfulness and spirituality into it, we can expect recognition and identification with the theme. What is the theme of your life? The truth that guides you through your life? Can you describe, personalise or pronounce it?

Do you prefer to be silent and hide behind silence guided by the idea “I’m smarter when I’m silent”? And are you really silent or is there a furious fight with all the characters, who have been your company that day? What has prevented you from telling them what you thought? Your upbringing? What would they think of you? What would you gain if you told them what you thought? Would you swear out loud?!

You underestimate these loud and clamorous people, who easily throw everything in your teeth. You are a bit envious of them, but you do not admit it.

On the other hand, loud people do not choose their words. Lead by a torrent of fierce emotions, they stick their words like sharp nails without choosing sensitive targets. Wounded victims, in order to defend themselves, return fiercely with their combative ammunition and cause the injuries of opponent!

Who is stronger in this conflict of filthy insults? Who uses unconscious choice of words more? The brain remembers everything, either said or unsaid. Our computer requires regular cleaning of our memory, but we do not remember this as our priority. Everything else is more crucial. Thus, our cells become contaminated by verbal waste that accumulates and clogs the usual flow of information. Unfortunately, due to so much garbage, the cells cannot function regularly and at some point a doctor ascertains Hashimoto’s disease.

Now what? How did it happen to me? Well, I have a healthy lifestyle! I have a healthy diet, I exercise regularly, I use supplements to strengthen my immune system, I live peacefully. The Doctor of Consciousness Medicine reads between the lines and finds a motive for initiating a conversation. Do you purify your speech regularly? A question you do not know the answer to. What does it actually mean? How to purify one’s speech?

Nowadays, it is easy to plan a day or do general house cleaning, or maybe own room only or even own bed. We refreshed our bed sheets, pillows, comforters and laid them to soak up the Sun and fresh air. We got rid of dust and dirt. But we grumble to ourselves, because only we do that, nobody else in our family! We are angry because we realise that we have nobody to rely on because we are always responsible for everything! Followed by various memories from the past, this path leads us to deeper anger. Provoked by nothing, so to speak. But our cells remember. Every bit. We continue with housework, we sing and forget about our previous anger. Led by daily duties, we continue the day in our own rhythm.

This becomes our routine imperceptibly. Muttering something under your breath…

We like when somebody praises us, when somebody compliments us on our work and our values. It dissolves our resentment and previous frown. A nice word feeds us! It lifts our mood and creates motivation for creativity and beauty! Oh, that word! Why can’t people talk only nice things about us all the time! When they say such nice things, we like that very much. We love to hear people talking about our good characteristics. “He/she deserves only praise!”

Unfortunately, we can hear derogatory and malicious explanation more often and that is what closes our door for communication. This introduces fears, anger, autism.

Do you remember how many nice things you have said about others today? How many nice words have you said to your family? Your partner, child, mother, colleague, neighbour…? How many times have you cursed today? How much have you refrained from cursing? Has your heart been in your mouth just in time? Has it prevented you from saying something? And the throat suffers! The thyroid gland screams like an express pot!

Please clean your speech apparatus as you clean your room and bed! Lighten your speech with the energy of consciousness and think before you utter anything! Learn to breathe before you say what you think! Lighten your speech and prevent thyroid disease! Once you learn how to feed yourself with the speech of consciousness, nothing will shake you and make you respond with poison! Your words will be sweet speech that heals!

Monks feed themselves with prayers; let us learn how to preoccupy our brain with the frequency of prayers instead of uncontrolled thoughts. Through collaborative actions, we support each other in the conscious collective speech of Consciousness, raising the vibration of each and every Human! We feed each other with nice words and positive speech. Hence, we create the World, which supports us with its strength, beauty and sublime vibration.

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